About Us

We currently meet online: 1st & 3rd Sunday, 2-4PM
2nd & 4th Thursday, 7-9PM

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1st & 3rd Sunday, 2–4PM, Rm 32 – 35 @ 9601 Cedar Ln Bethesda
2nd Thursday, 7–9PM, Rm 4 @ 6800 Adelphi Rd Hyattsville

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We accept anyone who comes with sincerity and kindness of heart. We do this because we are so often rejected. 

We respect the identity of everyone. We do this because our identities are so often disregarded.

We protect the confidentiality of those who come here. We do this because our confidences are so often violated.

Above all, we do our utmost to provide an emotionally and physically safe space for those who come together with us.  We do this because the world is so often not safe for us.

Maryland Trans*Unity is a volunteer run, peer-facilitated support group and community building organization serving trans* people of all identities – including those who identify as transgender, transsexual, nonbinary, genderqueer, crossdresser, non-transitioner, de-transitioner, re-transitioner, agender, bigender, gender fluid, pangender, or any other identity under the trans* umbrella. We also encourage and welcome participation from those who stand in solidarity with trans* communities.

We launched as a support group on Labor Day Weekend 2012. The majority of our participants come from Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia, but it is not unusual to encounter participants in our events from far more distant locales such as New York and Ohio.

Our name derives from the fact that we are located in Maryland, we welcome individuals from every part of the transgender spectrum, and we are united in our belief that we can each learn from and support one another. Cisgender people are welcome to join our meetings and events – we only ask that all participants preserve the safe environment for everyone.

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