Trans* Facebook Groups

There are tons (possibly hundreds) of groups for trans* folk and allies on facebook. Below is a non-exhaustive list of them.

Employment Assistance

Trans Job Connect U.S.

General Support

MTF/FTM Hangout/Support

Transgender Support Circle

Trans Memes tbh

heartwarming trans content

Trans & NB Help and Support- Cis Allies Welcome

The Transgender Caucus

Trans Together

Trans Role Models

Transgender Friends and Allies

Conversations with a Gender Therapist

Nonbinary and/or GenderQueer

Non-Binary Gender Pride

Gender Diverse Bisexuals

FTM and/or transmasculine

All transmen know each other

All TransGuys Know Each Other

FTM Testosterone 101

FTM/NB/GNC Top Surgery

Trans Men Of Ihe World

The Original Trans Men Over 40


ftm meta and phalloplasty open discussion

MTF and/or transfeminine

Trans Female and Non Binary Femme HRT

Trans* Parents

Trans[masculine spectrum] Dads/Papas/Fathers/Parents/Etc.

Male Identified, Transmasculine, Genderqueer and Butch Parents

For Parents of Trans Children


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